Our Services

Below is a general list of what we offer but far from what we will and can offer.

Don't hesitate to ask us about anything technology related. If we can't or don't offer a solution, then we'll be glad to point you in the right direction.


Computers break. Let us help you fix them.

We'll do our best to fix your software or hardware problems.


We'll do our best to keep your old stuff running as long as possible. We'll also help you find the right new product when the time comes and set it up for you. 

Everything runs off technology. Let us help you take full advantage of software and hardware you already own.
Let us help you get connected to the device sitting right next to you and to the rest of the world.

Servers can mean a lot of different things. We can help with your current servers and discuss options for your server needs.

Clouds help us store and access our files from anywhere. Let us help you figure out if you need a public cloud or a private cloud.


Simple transparent pricing, so you know what you're paying and what you're getting.

Residential and Business

On site: $60/hour
Any labor performed at the client's location will cost $60 per hour.
At TGGT Office: $60 flat rate/computer

If a computer is brought in or taken back to our office, then we charge a flat rate fee of $60 to cover any normal labor per computer. 

Only exception is if a client requests uncommon actions to be done to their computer.

Any tech work outside the first two options: $60/hour

Other tech work is only limited by your imagination. Ask us about any problem that you want solved.

Examples: remote assistance, website building, event streaming, uncommon research requests, and more.

Other details about our pricing

- Tax will be added to invoice total.

- Emergency, after hours, or other special pricing depends on the scenario.

- Normal labor includes common actions to get the computer up to TGGT's standards. 

- Examples of normal labor may include: hardware replacement, OS and common software installation, OS and driver updates, virus scans, hardware diagnostics, general system optimizations.

- All hardware needs are at client's expense. TGGT does not resell or charge extra for the hardware itself. The client pays what TGGT pays to obtain whatever hardware is needed to solve the problem.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or pricing.