About Us


Several years ago (2006-2012) we operated under the name of itopy (your place on the internet). itopy was a college kid's dream of having a tech business but wasn't really ready to go all-in and full-time. While pursuing other tech related interests (teaching and corporate), I kept my freelancing skills sharp working with clients that I've had since the beginning. Now we are back with a new name (I got tired of explaining what itopy meant/stood for) and ready to help current and future clients more than ever before.


Now we have the opportunity to build upon our history and experience. There are many products and services we would like to offer, but for now we currently offer basic repair, networking, and server services. That doesn't mean we can't help with other things, so if you have a technology need, then feel free to discuss it with us to see what we can do.


We can't know exactly what the future may hold. Technology changes faster than anything else in history. But what we can know is our passion and motivation to serve our clients as best as we can. We will do our best to offer the services our community needs and to always be ready for the ever-changing future.